IEEE e-Science 2010 Conference
7 - 10 DECEMBER 2010


Thom Dunning

Guy Steele

John Mattick

Jurgen P. Schulze

Ian Foster

S. George Djorgovski



6th IEEE International Conference

The sixth IEEE e–Science conference, sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society´s Technical Committee for Scalable Computing (TCSC), was held in Brisbane, Australia from 7th – 10th December 2010, and was an great success, with more than 140 delegates attending the conference or the workshops or both.

The conference featured a strong and comprehensive technical programme, reflecting the increasing maturity of the community and the rigour of the reviewing process. The growing diversity of the community was also on show, with Tobias Blanke and Mark Hedges from UCL worthy winners of the best paper award for their work on digital humanities. Yet perhaps the highlight of the meeting was the outstanding set of keynotes, described by one prominent eScience blogger as "definitive". We were very fortunate to have such a group of speakers and all of them presented engaging and challenging talks. The highlight of the social programme was undoubtedly the conference dinner at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which features prominently in most recollections of the meeting and of Brisbane.

We have collected some mementos of the conference and placed them on this site to remind us of a great time and as a resource for the community. Slides from the keynote presentations can be now be found linked near the speaker abstracts and bios. We have added a photo page - linked from the main menus above - to share some of the nicer shots taken over the course of the conference. And we would heartily recommend David de Roure's blog post at the end of the conference, which captured the mood quite perfectly: eScience 2010: definitive keynotes, scholarly primitives and koala hugging.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who made eScience 2010 such as success, and point you all in the direction of the 2011 conference, organised by Erwin Laure and his colleagues in Sweden: We hope to see many of you in Stockholm and at future eScience meetings around the world.

Jim Hogan and Paul Roe

eScience 2010 General Chairs.





Paul Roe, QUT
Jim Hogan, QUT


David Abramson, Monash University


Andrew Lewis, Griffith University, Australia 





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